It took us twenty years and a global pandemic to introduce our very first online store to the world - not necessarily because we didn‘t see the signs and are caught up in the past to a degree that we refuse to try anything digital, but because the intention to start a store was based on exchange and personal interaction first and foremost.

Growing up in the city, the places we liked the most were record stores, bars, thrift stores, small music venues - the very majority of them ran independently and with great enthusiasm, each space was highly distinctive in spirit and character. That´s where we met like-minded people, made friends, formed bands, exchanged knowledge and developed our taste and personalities.

Unfortunately, we saw them vanish at rapid speed through the last decades, first in megacities like Tokyo, New York or London, then our beloved hometown Berlin finally caught up as well. Big money took over and left less and less room for creativity that wasn’t exclusively driven by economic interest only.

Don’t get us wrong we're not opposed to making money, we are a business as well, after all. We hope though that it somehow reflects us as individuals, and that it’s fun for our customers to spend time at the stores, that it’s fun to hang out and dig for some gems.

Having said that, we obviously don’t want to replace the stores with a digital clone, but offer articles that we carefully selected over a few years for connoisseurs that might value them. We had visitors from all over the planet that equally shared our love for vintage sportswear and beyond, and hopefully this new platform of ours provides a good way to stay connected in these crazy and weird times. 

Yours Paul